A Fitness Blogger Shows How Calorie Counts Don’t Make Foods Healthy or Unhealthy with Helpful Comparisons

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While some fitness-oriented Instagram accounts are known for promoting unrealistic body images, others share information designed to help anyone improve their health. Lucy Mountain, a London-based fitness blogger, uses her account, theFFFeed, to encourage social media viewers to see food outside of the traditional “healthy” and “unhealthy” labels that are commonly assigned.

As reported by Business Insider, theFFFeed account features images comparing certain food items. The intent is to challenge conventional thoughts about what is or is not a healthy snack.

One of Mountain’s comparisons shows that a handful of almonds can actually have the same number of calories as a similarly sized handful of candies.

A second image demonstrates that while certain foods may have more micronutrients, like veggie chips over potato chips, the calorie counts may be deceiving regarding which snack is a better choice.

Even variants of the same foods, such as fresh and dried strawberries, can have notable differences in portion size when the calorie counts of the servings are made equal.

Mountain also points out that foods traditionally seen as “unhealthy,” like ice cream, don’t have to be off limits, and that portion size makes a big difference, such as the amount of peanut butter used on a single piece of toast.

She also points out that meals that look similar can have vastly different calorie counts.

She ultimately promotes the idea of looking at the bigger picture while asserting that no food is guaranteed to cause or prevent weight loss.