A Father Couldn’t Stop Laughing When His Daughter Gave Him Her Christmas List

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Christmas has changed dramatically since the early 90s. Back then, most kids’ Christmas lists consisted of the hottest game console with a few games. Nowadays, kids think they are entitled to designer items pushed by influencers and celebrities. An iPad or iPhone are just the basics anymore.

As Christmas has been inching closer and closer, parents have begun receiving their children’s Christmas lists. One father posted his daughter’s list on Twitter with the caption reading: “My 10 year old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list.”

The 10-year-old is smart though. She must have decided Christmas is a magical time when anything can happen, so the sky’s the limit. On top of the lavish gifts the young girl asked for, she also added that she wanted cash. Not just a few dollars for spending money. No. She wanted $4,000 in cash.

Here is her list. “iPhone 11, AirPods, New Macbook Air, a real bunny, hydroflask, clothes, makeup, pink Puma trainers, Gucci sliders, Chanel purse, perfume, essential oil, American girl doll car, new shoes, earrings, jewellery, chequered vans, GoPro, pink duct tape, food colouring and laundry detergent, clothes for bunny, $4,000, LOL doll with camper and chalet, new sheets and cover, and an alarm clock.”

The best part of the list is the little misspellings the young girl has on her list. The cash was the firs thing that stood out of this outlandish list. Apparently as she was finishing her list, she felt something was missing. Oh yeah, how about a large amount of cash on top of my already jaw-dropping list?

It’s at the bottom as if it was a last-minute add on. One user wrote: “An alarm clock, Gucci slides and some laundry detergent? Mama has range and her priorities in check!”

Another added: “Her taste is exquisite, I am impressed.” The list has gone semi-viral with 120,000 likes and over 22,000 retweets. There will undoubtedly be more lists to come that will make parents shake their heads and leave the rest of us laughing.