33-Year-Old Law Graduate Claims She’s So Hot Nobody Will Hire Her

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A 33-year-old law graduate claims that she has been forced to change career paths because her attractiveness has stopped her from progressing in her career. She feels women find her untrustworthy or intimidating, while men don’t take her seriously in the business world. It’s gotten so bad, she says, that she has opted to start her own retail clothing company instead.

Irina Kova is a Russian-born lawyer who lives in London. Kova told The Sun that she believes her career fell apart because of her “hotness.”

“Even during the hiring process, being beautiful gets in the way. I have a law degree and a great CV but my recruitment agent still told me to dye my blonde hair dark for interviews, Kova explained.

“She said, ‘You’ll never get a job looking like that’. She was right, too. After I coloured my hair I got offered more work. I even started wearing clear glasses – although my sight is perfect – to look more professional.”

According to Kova, one of her employers allegedly asked her to stop using her good looks to stand out, but she said she wasn’t even wearing makeup.

“I rarely wear much make-up either – with my features I don’t need to. When you have big lips and eyes you attract a lot of attention anyway,” she said. “I think this man wanted to have a corporate environment where everyone is the same and has a mortgage and three kids. He was basically implying I was too glamorous to fit in, so I ended up leaving.”

Kova thinks men are hesitant to hire her as her looks can often distract coworkers, while others who are married may not want their husband sitting next to “a hot, single girl right next to them.”

“They would rather surround themselves with less attractive women who won’t take their mind off the job in hand,” she said. “So now I’ve started my own website selling vintage clothing. At least now I don’t have to rely on someone else’s opinion of me – and whether my face fits.”