30 People Who Should Win an Award for Injuring Themselves in the Dumbest Ways Possible.

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People can hurt themselves in the strangest ways imaginable. A Twitter user explained on the social media platform how he broke his index finger using the restroom after he got it caught on the door. He then asked his followers what were some of the dumbest ways they’d injured themselves that they wouldn’t want to share with strangers.

Super 70s Sports asked people to one-up him by sharing their stupid accident details. The results are nothing short of hilarious.

Well, at least Super 70s Sports shares a broken index finger story with a fellow user.

Don’t you hate when that happens…

This sounds like it should be on 100 weirdest ways to die.

There was no disclaimer needed. We all knew alcohol was involved.

I guess you could say his life “flashed” before his eyes.

Can you blame the man? That Bulbasaur wasn’t going to catch itself.

Here comes the bride, rolling down the aisle.

If you won’t lie for yourself, then who will?

You know it was a hellish injury when it takes two tweets to explain.

Talk about a wide range of injuries that make you scratch your head and say “really?”