18-Year-Old to Marry Best Friend’s Mom After Two Months of Dating [VIDEO]

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Chalk this up to being the strangest article you will read all week. We have all heard the old adage of “age is just a number.” Apparently, this is true for Chase Gabbard and Jaimee Brown, a newly-engaged couple who have an age difference of 21 years. That isn’t really a shocking age difference these days, but did we mention that Gabbard is marrying his childhood friend’s mom?

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Gabbard, who is an 18-year-old handyman, met Brown when he was 11 years old. He moved into Corbin, Kentucky, where he met Brown’s eldest son,¬†Jaice. The two soon became inseparable and are still best friends today, despite the fact that Gabbard will soon be his stepfather.

Initially, Gabbard and Jamiee spent a lot of time walking together in an effort to lose weight, the Daily Mail reported. But Gabbard says he soon built a strong rapport with Jamiee, and a few days after his 18th birthday, he kissed her. “I had no idea about Chase or my feelings before he kissed me. It was a total shock, but since then we have been inseparable,” she said.

After discovering she had feelings for her son’s best friend, Jamiee went to speak to her three children to see if they would be alright with it. “None of them had a problem, we all loved each other anyway. And when we told Jaice, he was fine with it too – they are still best friends.”

Two months after the teen kissed Jamiee, he decided to pop the question. He then proceeded to ask her to marry him daily. “The first proposal happened during a scavenger hunt was a surprise, I had no idea, I went all over town to end in my bathroom closet,” she explained.

Although Jamiee accepted his first proposal, Gabbard continues to ask her to marry him in lots of small ways like writing “marry me” on hot sauce packets.

Despite the two decade age gap, the newly engaged couple haven’t had any odd or hateful comments directed their way. “Nobody has openly said anything. We may get a funny look sometimes or someone might ask, “Can you ask your mom something?”

“It’s to be expected, I understand. I’m nearly the same age as his mother, but as far as people saying anything negative it hasn’t happened.”

The two have already written their vows and are now waiting on Jamiee’s divorce to finalize so she can marry Gabbard. That should definitely be a day to remember.