15 Times ‘Influencers’ Were Publicly Shamed

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It seems like everyone wants to be a social media influencer. We now live in a time where a person’s job description includes getting free items or accommodations in turn for good publicity. If they are popular enough, they make a living doing just that. But here are 15 times influencers received a public shaming.

So let’s get started. 

Hmm, I wonder why they didn’t take the deal?

Hey, if the shoe fits. You have to love when these people oust themselves.

In the words of White Banana Beach Club: Get a job.

Sound about right.

Why are all these “influencers” trying to promote ice cream? Like the owner above said, it’s $4.

Jeez guys, it’s a really hard job. You don’t even know. I wish my only worries consisted of cold food, lighting issues and waking up early.

At least some businesses can have fun with denying these influencers.

Don’t you love when they try and pull a scam on someone and yet they proclaim that you were scamming them the whole time. #Scamception.

Just bobbin’ and weavin’ these influencers.

Talk about getting wrecked.

Who can honestly ask for 300 free meals without feeling like a terrible person?

There is a running trend of these influencers getting mad when they get called out, especially when all you bring to the table is 1k followers. C’mon man.

I truly wonder how many of these “influencers” try to get free stuff or meals by claiming it’s the “usual agreement”?

There is just something empowering about leaving someone on “read.”

Nothing like alternative motives for getting free food. Not once did this self-proclaimed influencer even ask for a discount. She simply just expected it.

This isn’t saying all influencers are bad, but here is a hot take: Maybe start working with an established brand for a certain period of time before trying to swindle them out of free commodities.