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Police Confiscate “Ancient Sword of the Meth King”

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In an era where police controversies seem to be an everyday occurrence, many police departments have fully embraced social media as a way to connect with their community and interject a little fun and humor into their job.

During a recent traffic stop in Michigan, the Bath Township Police Department confiscated a variety of drug paraphernalia and weapons.

Among the weapons confiscated was a very unique sword, which the PD dubbed the “Ancient Sword of the Meth King” in a post on Facebook.

Of course, this classification led to many tongue in cheek comments from people who saw the post on social media. Here are a few:

“Did you get that sword off an anime character?”

“..the most hilarious hashtag of all time. I’ve never been so proud to live in Bath. Thank you, gentlemen. Oh…and thanks for catching bad guys too.”

“Without its master’s command, the restless tweakers will become an even greater threat to this township. Control must be maintained. There must always be a Meth King.”

“So did they find the armor or rings of the Meth King set? Because everyone knows one piece of a set is pretty much worthless.”

“So that is how renji powered up during the last arc…”

“Like come on guys, i understand taking his meth but you had to confiscate his anime sword he probably bought from oriental accent arts at the meridian mall.”

“Lord of the rings? You stole a soul reapers bankai”

“Those ring wraiths are getting clever. Not today witch king of angmar, not today.”

As several other commentators pointed out, the sword is actually a replica from an anime entitled Bleach:

“Lol the sword is called a zanpakutò its from an anime called bleach and it’s name is zabimaru 🤣”

“That’s Zabimaru from Bleach you dinguses”

Another set of commentators was also very impressed with the three hole punch that seemed to be part of the haul:

“So glad you got that dangerous 3 hole punch off the streets”

“I’m especially terrified of that high capacity hole puncher!”

“But why the 3 hole punch?? The world may never know…”