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Forget What You Know About Backyard Grilling. This Simple Hack Changes Everything.

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Springtime is here. That means better weather (for most of the country), baseball, politicians making stupid statements, and backyard grilling.

If your backyard grilling setup isn’t up to par, check out this simple hack to step up your grilling game in less than an hour.

Start with 4 sections of 14″ tree rings, and 6 sections of 24″ tree rings.



Stack the rings on top of each other forming a large and a small circle two layers high. They won’t mate up perfectly, but that’s no big deal.



Find the perfect spot and put your two circles together



Fill in the gap with sand or stones or whatever you think would be cool. Marbles could be pretty awesome.



Now you’ve got something that actually looks something like this as opposed to the inevitable fails of most internet tips.



Take your grill and pull the legs off like an evil alien you’re torturing for information.





BAM! You’ve got a perfect grilling spot.



This should take you an hour if you have everything you need. If it takes you longer, work on your man game a little more.