Instant Justice

Woman Takes Bat Away From Home Invader and Beats Him Senseless

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Talk about irony. Many gun control advocates tout statistics that claim gun owners are far more likely to have their guns on themselves than on a mythical bad guy. And the same thing can now be said for this bad guy’s weapon-of-choice.

062716 c 1

33-year-old California man is in jail in Charlotte County, Florida, after his well planned home invasion hit a serious snag. North Port police say that Noah Dassat, the burglar in question, faces multiple charges after he allegedly attacked a man with the bat.

Dassat broke into the house of Jason Petty and his wife Allison Young. When he discovered the house wasn’t empty, he attacked Petty with this baseball bat.

062716 c 4

Petty, though, was a fair match for Dassat, and managed to wrestle the intruder onto the couch. It was at that point that Dassat dropped the bat. Unfortunately for him, Allison Young was also ready to fight. The woman picked up Dassat’s bat and started swinging for the fences.

If the mug shot of Dassat is any indication, Young did pretty good with her batting practice. She struck him several times–including a couple of shots to Dassat’s head.

062716 c 3

Fan’s of instant justice will be disappointed to know that Dassat managed to escape, though he was bleeding profusely. He left behind a ball cap and his bat.

Sometime later, a man showed up at a hospital in Port Charlotte. He gave the attendees on duty a fake name, so they called him in to authorities.

Police picked him up at the hospital. He had a blackened right eye and lacerations on his arms. Dassat’s been charged with burglary with battery, burglary with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief.

Think how hard it is going to be to explain this photo when he gets out of prison–which we all know will happen way too soon.