Instant Justice

MMA Fighter Runs Over Bicyclist but Gets Caught By Armed-Citizen

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Hit and run accidents are all-too-common. Technological advances in paint identification made catching the fleeing criminals more reliable, and then dash-cam footage and cameras on the streets cut into the number of unsolved cases, but sometimes the cops need helps from witnesses, and that’s exactly what they got in Albuquerque last week. A well-armed citizen.


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Many of the details about this event are still unfolding. What is known is that a motorist, driving an SUV, hit a bicyclist on a frontage road beside an interstate in Albuquerque, New Mexico. After the accident, the driver fled the scene–with the bike still lodged under his SUV.


That moment was witnessed by another driver who tailed the SUV. The police have not released the man’s name, or details on how he convinced the hit-and-run driver to pull over, but when he did, the second driver pulled a gun and called the cops.


The video show’s the hit-and-run driver pleading with the man with the gun. He has a desperate look on his face, and was reportedly apologizing profusely for his actions.


The man holding him at gunpoint keeps a safe distance, and his gun at the ready.  It is worth noting that the armed confrontation happened more than a mile from where the accident occurred, and the bike was still under the SUV.


By the time news crews arrived on the scene, the cyclist was being examined in an ambulance, and the driver who hit him was handcuffed in the back of a squad car.


When images of the encounter hit the local news, viewers identified the hit-and-run suspect as 33-year old Henry Martinez, an MMA fighter.


There’s no word yet on what Martinez will be charged with, or if any charges will be brought against the man who made the citizen’s arrest. The cyclist is expected to pull through.