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Canadian Mounties Thwart Suicide Bomb Plot and Kill ISIS Lone-Wolf in Canada

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Leave it to the Canadians to show everyone how to get it done. Word’s come down from Toronto that the Mounties have got their man–a would-be terrorist, one who was on watch lists, was killed in a raid when the Canadian authorities got wind of his plan to blow himself up in a suicide-bomb attack.

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The suspect was on the CMP’s radar, and had been banned from associating ISIS. That didn’t stop him from planning a lone-wolf style attack. Aaron Driver, who doesn’t fit the typical ISIS suicide bomber mold, planned to blow himself up in a crowded area, though his target has not been named.

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In February, Driver had managed to talk his way out of other charges that he’d been planning a terror attack. Driver’s legal team negotiated a “peace bond” that stated there were “reasonable grounds to fear that he may participate, contribute directly or indirectly in the activity of a terrorist group.” Still, he was released and being watched.

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The operation that resulted in Driver’s death occurred outside of Toronto, in the town of Strathroy. Police swarmed in on Driver’s location, and advised local residents to shelter in place.

For their part, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police acknowledge that they have stopped a possible terror attack. They received what they’re calling “credible information” and say the “proper course of action has been taken.”

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“The RCMP, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and other police and security agencies were involved in the operations,”¬†Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said. “These agencies conducted themselves effectively in the circumstances that developed today.”

Even with the news of Driver’s intentions, the national terrorism threat level for Canada is still holding firm at “medium.”

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If the allegations against Driver are true, his intentions highlight just how difficult it will be to intercede in the plans of terrorists. Driver, even if he wasn’t in direct contact with anyone in ISIS, was still acting on their behalf. Stopping these individuals is exceptionally difficult, and credit must be given to the CMP and whoever had the good-sense to inform on Driver.