Stanford Rapist’s Home Has Been Surrounded By Armed Protesters After His Early Prison Release

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Brock Turner made headlines as the poster-boy for White Privilege. Or perhaps it was the privilege of wealth. Either way, the Stanford student was given a six month sentence for rape. He was released on Friday, after serving just half of that sentence. His early release from what was an already short sentence has angered many, and some are not sitting idly–they’ve taken their message directly to Turner.

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This group has gone directly to Turner’s house in Ohio, and they’re taking advantage of the state’s open carry laws. They are well armed, and camping out in front of his house.

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According to WHIO, the local police have been watching the protest from a distance. They’re present, and aware of what’s happening, but the protestors are protesting peaceful, even if their message may, at times, be violent.

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One such message was hosed off of the sidewalk by firefighters Friday night. It read “shoot your local rapist.”

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The presence of the protestors may well have worked. Turner has not been seen at the house, and has not yet registered as a sex offender with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. Turner will be on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life, even though his probation will only run for three years.

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The armed protestors are not the only ones exercising their powers of free speech. Michele Dauber, a Stanford law professor who started recall petition aimed at removing Judge Aaron Persky, led protests outside the county jail where Turner was released on Friday.

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In an interview with Democracy Now! Dauber described the sentence for Turner as “overly lenient.” The state mandates a two-year minimum sentence for rape. “With collegiate athletes, the judge seems to have a blind spot, and doesn’t see these felonies as serious crimes against women,” she added.

It is unclear how long the protests in Ohio will continue.