Hell-House to be Exorcised. Live!

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When kicking out demons, where do you post the eviction notice?
Turns out the break out horror story, and what ruined the Ouija board industry, The Exorcist is based on a supposedly real story. An exorcism was preformed by twelve priests in a house 66 years ago. And maybe, maybe there’s something still out there?
If there is, the minor flood of paranormal investigators descending down to drag it out. A ghost team, a bishop, and a pyschic investigator.
“The house itself is going to be a totally different process. What we’re doing in the show is going through ‘The Exorcist’ house and doing a rite of exorcism,” producer/creator Jodi Tovay said. “When somebody is possessed, you see physical manifestations of it, and it’s the same with the house. The house, we believe, is a living, breathing thing, and we’re going to see something, too, when we actually exorcise the house — if we’re successful.”
And you can see it all live, Oct. 30th! The first TV broadcast exorcism!