“One in a Billion Shot” – Officer Shoots Round Into Barrel of Suspect’s Gun During Firefight [VIDEO]

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This may be the most epic one-in-a-billion shot ever made by a police officer. A Colorado cop shot at an armed robbery suspect, and the cops bullet went into the barrel of his assailant’s gun.

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[Scroll Down for Video]

Prosecutors cleared the Jefferson County sheriff’s deputy on Wednesday, July 13. The miraculous shooting, which occurred back in January, was justified.

Deputy Jose Marquez is the crack-shot we’re here to celebrate today. Unfortunately, he was shot in the shoulder and abdomen during the attempted robbery, which took place in an apartment parking lot in Aurora.

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There were multiple suspects. At least one who remains unidentified fled the scene. The other, Jhalil Meshesha, was shot in the leg. The wound made him much easier to apprehend and arrest.

“Deputy Marquez reasonably believed that his life was in danger and acted reasonably in shooting Meshesha, and that he used an appropriate level of physical force. I further find that Deputy Marquez’s actions were justified and he did not violate Colorado law,” a letter from Arapahoe County Deputy District Attorney Rich Orman said.

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Marquez had been at his girlfriend’s apartment and went outside to retrieve something from his car. On his way back, he saw two men with masks on. One of the men said “give it up,” to Marquez and pulled out a gun.

Marquez drew his gun and the masked men began shooting. Marquez returned fire.

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That’s when the miracle shot happened. One bullet went straight into the barrel of Meshesha’s Springfield Armory XD(M). The bullet threaded the needle with enough force to push the round out of Meshesha’s gun’s barrel, which took it out of the fight.

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And I bet the impact of the bullet slamming home in the barrel of his gun forced Meshesha to drop it, too.

Sadly, the miracle shot didn’t keep Marquez from getting shot. He has not yet returned to work because of his wounds.