“The Hottest Cop on Earth” Fighting Crime Never Looked So Good

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The Thin Blue Line has never looked so good. This German police woman, and self proclaimed “fitness addicted, food junkie, bikini model,” will leave you reconsidering a life of crime. And yes, she is a real police woman.

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Adrienne Koleszar is as hot as a pistol. And she knows it. Despite a successful career in law enforcement, she’s running a thriving social media campaign that is all about her.

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Still, don’t discount her public service. The 5′ 6″ 31-year-old is a senior police commissioner.

The blonde German has become a bit of a celebrity thanks to the unique mix of her public persona and her power, such as it is, a cop. Needless to say, she has a devoted following willing to throw themselves at her feet.

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And check out these guns! Before you make the mistake of thinking the 140 pound Kolezar is some cupcake, I’ll put it in perspective. She works-out for the needs of her job, true, but she goes above and beyond. She competes in the bikini class of the international bodybuilding competitions.

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Her work out is all about the inspiration she brings to other women, and it isn’t easy.


“It helps me work on my backside,” she said of the lift above. “Every woman wants to have a nice backside.” That weight she’s thrusting up into the air–375 pounds.

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Of her work as a cop, Koleszar had this to say: “Yes, I am a police officer in Germany and yes, I love my job. Surely it is often hard work. Sometimes I have to handle things, which nobody would like to see.”

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“I am only a human and I’m not perfect. But in the end I am very happy with my life.” Yes. And her photographs and videos are making a bunch of other people happy, too.

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I’m happy. But that may not be the point. Koleszar isn’t doing revealing photos–and she’s not in this for the attention her glamour shots are getting from her male fans.  “I am mainly aiming my photographs at women, not men.”

Check out her videos–her channel is full of her eating, working out, and speaking German.