‘Silly Piggies’ Brag Leads to Arrest.

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Haley Oates,  25
Haley Oates, 25

People say a lot of stupid things.

But bragging on Facebook about how you tricked the police out of a DUI? That’s a new level.

New Jersey police received a 911 call about a woman being assaulted outside a bar known as Mother’s. However, when the police arrived, they found no evidence for assault. CCTV cameras didn’t show any assaults either. Detectives were ‘informed’ that the call was faked so that Haley Oates, 25, and her male companion could leave a different bar, the Grasshopper, without being arrested for drunk driving.

It helped that she posted “2 mins later the cop peals out … silly piggies tricks r for u.”

Police added to their press release: “The Wayne Police Department takes these events extremely seriously … Falsely creating a situation that requires officers to execute emergency response, indicating that an event exists that’s a threat to life or property, is inexcusable and reprehensible behavior.”