Comedian Pranks L.A. Zoo With Hillarous Animal Fact Signs

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Comedian and blogger Jeff Wysaski (who works under the name Obvious Plant) has a warped sense of humor, and way too much time on his hands. And I’m glad he does. His latest stunt is part social commentary, part epic prank that has drawn a lot of attention to the Los Angeles Zoo.

And why not? Zoos are informative places. While some see the confinement of animals–in any form–as cruel, Wysaski saw an opportunity for comedy.

He began placing the signs this week, and then recording the images and posting them on Instagram and Facebook. No word yet on how the L.A. Zoo feels about the prank.

07032016ca 1

Meerkats are so skilled with heir mind control that they’ve taken over this post. 07032016ca 2

The big bears at the zoo are typically pretty docile. This one looks kind of cuddly. Or is that just what the meerkats want you to think?07032016ca 3

I’ve never seen trombones that small, but it would be painfully cute. Even the escaped bear would stop chomping on a tourist to watch. 07032016ca 4

No word on what of soup they prefer, or how the soup will taste after the gibbon has bathed in it. But it is an interesting visual.07032016ca 5

Phillip. He’s on to you.07032016ca 7

I bet they are seeing the souls of all those zoo patron eaten by the escaped bear. Or maybe the ghosts of patrons who were fed the soup after the gibbon bath.07032016ca 8

Some of Obvious Plant’s obviously planted signage is more absurdist, and less immediately funny. 07032016ca 9

The owls need to get with the times! Stop living in the 90s. Those people were not your friends. They weren’t even really friends. 07032016ca 10

This one is my absolute favorite. Monocled penguins would be an awesome evolutionary advantage. They might be more capable of seeing their plight. If I were a penguin, to prepare for global warming, I’d try to evolve a seersucker suit. Seersucker breathes so well in the sweltering heat we are all in for.