6 Dumb Criminals Who Absolutely Regret Using Facebook

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We’ve all done things we regret, some worse than others, but it takes a special kind stupid to go on social media when the police are after you. Some people just share way to much on Facebook, but here are six people who no doubt should have kept a slightly lower profile when the cops were on their tail.

Andrew Marcum Responded To His Own Wanted Adcriminal 1

It may be a proud moment when the police label you as their ‘Warrant of the Week,’ but in the grand scheme of things it’s best to keep that kind of recognition to yourself. Ohio native Andrew Marcum, 21, found himself in this exact situation and tips about his whereabouts started to show up in the comments. Marcum couldn’t help himself and decided to call out his detractors, realized his error in judgement and turned himself in the following day.

Edward Smith Bragged About His Warrants In A Postcriminal 2

Smith had racked up a string of warrants for petty crimes in Texas and decided to boast about them in a Facebook post, a move that wasn’t particularly bright, but might not have caused any problems if he didn’t still have his ex-girlfriend as a Facebook friend. The vengeful ex saw the post and told the local police where they could locate Eddie.

Rashia Wilson Posted About Scamming the IRScriminal 3

In an event that could only happen in Florida, Wilson dubbed herself the “Queen of IRS Tax Fraud” on Facebook after stealing $20 million. She used the money to buy a $90,000 car and threw a $30,000 birthday party for her one-year-old daughter, but authorities saw the post and Rashia is now serving 21 years in the federal penitentiary.

Samuel Lake Commented On His Own Mugshotcriminal 4

We now move to New Zealand where Sam Lake stumbled upon his own mugshot on the Christchurch Police Facebook page. Lake not only made the photo his Facebook profile picture, but also felt the need to comment “I need to get a new mugshot.” Thanks to many tips, the police were able to locate him and grant Sam’s wish.

Dustin McCombs May Be A Rapist, But He’s Definitely Not A Creepcriminal 5

The sheriff’s office in Jefferson County, Alabama, posted on Facebook that accused rapist Dustin McCombs was their “Creep of the Week.” This triggered McCombs into trolling the post for two hours with comments such as “good thing I moved out of state” and “it just may be considered defamation of character, you know the whole ‘creep of the week’ title.” Thanks mainly to Facebook, he was arrested a month later in Ohio.

James Tindell Tried To Taunt His Probation Officer On Facebook While On the Runcriminal 6

The only possible way to rationalize Tindell constantly updating his status to show his location as he documented step-by-step his escape from Oregon to Alabama to avoid court-ordered drug rehabilitation was the belief that his probation officer didn’t use Facebook. Well, he did, as did the judge, and it wasn’t long before Tindell was back in Oregon, this time serving jail time.


h/t Police One