22 Tweets About Kids to Make Every Parent Laugh Out Loud

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Modern day parenting means facing a litany of problems and situations our parents never encountered. It also means having more ways to share those moments with the world like these parents did.


The ever-so-special card just for Father’s Day:

The joys of a family vacation:

The wannabe Bob the Builder:

Solving the eternal struggle of “what’s for dinner?”:

Seriously, construction vehicles are awesome, right?:

What are you up to in there? Why are you so quiet?:

What was that?!? What the hell was that?

Finding out your kid is unintentionally funnier than you ever realized:

Passing on important life lessons:

It’s only logical:

The “in case you forgot”:

Always look on the bright side of life:

Ice cream can make a day go better:

Still better than Nickelback:

Realizing they are just smaller versions of you:

Pocket apples. That is all you need to remember:

It’s the hierarchy of childhood development:

It’s better to ask for forgiveness than for permission:

Pleasant days at the park meet the modern parenting dilemma:

I’ve got no money, but what I do have is a very particular set of skills:

Pleasant mornings in bed with the family:

Realizing you may not have passed on the best of your genes: