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Utah Teen Loses Wallet at Arcade, Random Stranger Shows Act of Kindness [VIDEO]

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Thirteen-year-old Karden Devenish was pulling weeds and mowing lawns all summer, so he could have some spending money for a family fishing trip that was coming up in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, before the trip, the Utah teen visited a local arcade where he misplaced his wallet – with all his hard earned savings.

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Once he arrived back home, Karden realized he had lost the wallet and ran back to the arcade to search for it. The wallet contained the entire $80 that he’d earned over the summer. Without the money, he wouldn’t be able to pay for a much anticipated deep sea fishing expedition while on vacation. He also wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a new fishing license.

After hours of searching, he left a note with his contact information with the manager of the store. Devastated, Karden returned home and told his mother, Megan Devenish, what had happened.

She knew it was a long shot, but she posted about Karden’s lost wallet on social media in the hopes of recovering it.

“My 13 year old son and his friend were at nicklemania in Springville today from 11:30 to 1:30. During that time my son lost his wallet. It is navy blue with a Velcro closure. It had $80.00 ( that he has been mowing lawns and pulling weeds for all summer. He is saving to go deep sea fishing with his uncles while on vacation) it also had his fishing license, and a fiiz punch card in it. No id… other than the license that does have his name on it. (Karden devenish)”

“We are chalking this up as a life lesson.. (a very expensive lesson, but a lesson no less) to ALWAYS be honest and turn In things that are not yours… so others don’t have to feel like you do right now… and only take only what money you’re going to spend… but if someone found it please turn it in either to the front counter…( they have are contact info)… or message or call me directly.. 801-473-8720. No judgement and a whole lot of praise will be given… would like to show him a even better lesson… that there is good in the world!!”


Megan’s long shot actually paid off. The manager of the arcade called the family and informed them that they had something for Karden.

Karden’s father rushed over to the arcade, and instead of retrieving his son’s wallet as he expected, he was handed an envelope that contained a note and $120.

“Buy a new wallet, fishing license, and have fun. I read what happened to you on Facebook, and had the same thing happen when I was younger. Good Luck. P.S. If your wallet was returned, pay it forward with this,” the note read.

Megan took to Facebook once again to inform every one of the kind gesture from a Good Samaritan.

Check out a video interview of the family below.