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This Hardworking Teen Walked 10 Miles to Work Each Day. Then His Co-Workers Surprised Him [VIDEO]

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A teenage UPS employee receives the surprise of a lifetime after his co-workers found he was walking 10 miles every day for his job. The reason he does it? His mother is sick and he takes care of all the bills.


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Derrick Taylor works at the UPS center in Oxford, Alabama. He has been working there loading and unloading the trucks for over a year. He works the a.m. shift that usually starts before the sun comes up – around four in the morning.


The only thing that gets him up every morning is his $11.90 hourly pay. The 19-year-old never complains or ask people for rides. In reality, he turns down rides offered to him by his co-workers. Taylor was too proud to take money from his older siblings either.


Through rain, snow, or sleet he walked every week in order to earn his paycheck to help his mother. His co-workers recognized the hard work and dedication this young man had and wanted to award him. So they all chipped in and got Taylor a Jeep.

Taylor has had his drivers license since he was 16, but with money already so tight, he never had a car of his own. He never complained about it or even asked for one.


The kind gesture was filmed and put online so everyone could see that sacrifice is rewarded. In the video Taylor’s safety instructor, James Williams, can be heard congratulating the young man, “We want you to know we appreciate your hard work,” he said.

The group of employees presented a green Jeep Cherokee that they bought from a local dealer for $1,100 to Taylor.


“Everybody came together and you don’t have to walk no more. You’ve got your own ride,” Williams said. “This is a hard-working young man. He makes me emotional. This young man wants to work so bad, he walks to work from way out of town.”

Taylor was overwhelmed by the kind act when speaking to Daily Mail Online. “I was overwhelmed with joy. No one had ever done anything like that for me so it made me cry and I’m not really the type to show my emotions.”


It just goes to show that hard work does indeed pay off. And when the going gets tough, you don’t quit, you keep pushing further. Now he has a car for work – and to drive his girlfriend around. Good for him!

H/T Dailey Mail