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Retired Police Officer Raises Money For Fast Food Worker to Follow Her Dream [VIDEO]

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Many of us have been in a situation in life where we have had to put our life goals and dreams on hold for one reason or another. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone willing to help you with whatever’s holding you back? Well, that’s exactly what Donald Carter is doing for one young woman.


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Carter was in the Popeyes drive thru on March 25 to simply get a late night snack. He was dead beat tired from the day and noticed that the woman working the drive thru window,  Shajuana Mays, looked tired, too. They began to talk.

During their less than 30 second encounter, Mays left a lasting impression on the Kansas City man. Mays told him that she wanted to go back to nursing school to get her CNA but didn’t have the funds.


This resonated with Carter as he couldn’t get what she said out of his head. So, in the dead of night, the retired police officer made a Facebook post to his 1300 friends that would forever change Mays’ life.

“I’m doing something a little different than I’ve ever thought before,” he wrote. “I figured if I could get about 300 of my FB friends to put up $5 each, we could do it no problem. I’d do a Facebook live broadcast presenting her with the gift if we pulled it off. Just a random act of kindness from a few hundred strangers.”


He did his research and learned that a normal CNA license is around $1500. So if 300 of his friends put up $5 then they could reach their GoFundMe goal.

The next day, he woke up to check if anyone had contributed, and in awe, he discovered that his friends had already reached the goal amount he’d posted of $7000. When the day came to surprise Mays with the money for school, the GoFundMe account had surpassed $15,000.

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“People are really hungry to do good to each other, to be good to each other,” he said. “Being able to tell a story in a genuine fashion, and then inviting people into that process, and just make it as simple for them to participate — with no strings attached — those are all elements of this that I think made it work.”


In a video that was posted to Youtube, Carter and some of his friends who had contributed came into the Popeyes to surprise Mays. With phones in hand to record the experience, Carter calls Mays over.


He told her that she’d left a lasting impression on him, and he wanted to do something for her. He told her that they’d raised the money she needed to go back to nursing school.


“Thank you so much,” she said. “I don’t even know how to describe it in words… It’s all emotion I’m feeling right now that is unexplainable, but it’s all good and happy.”

Watch the heartwarming video below.