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Girl Thought There Was a Monster in Her New House. Then the Cops Showed Up. [VIDEO]

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When a four-year-old heard strange noises around her house when nobody was awake, she knew it was a cause for concern. It was obviously a monster intent on doing her harm. So with her own self-preservation in mind, the girl enlisted help from those charged with protecting us — police officers.

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After rcently moving to Colorado, Sidney Fahrenbruch’s family was ready for a new start. Sidney, on the other hand, was less than optimistic about her move as she was unsure if her new home would be safe from monsters.

The four-year-old’s mother, Megan, was on a community forum when they met a local Colorado officer and thought what better way to put this monster talk to rest by asking a police officer to help.

After reaching out to officer David Bonday, he agreed to come to their house and orchestrate an all-out manhunt for the supposed monsters inhabiting the residence. When Bonday entered the home, Sidney was stunned.

The two went from room to room searching for any ghouls or goblins, and officer Bonday gave the little girl his flashlight to search those hard-to-reach spots in the house.

Sidney also asked officer Bonday to look with her in the front yard as those monsters could have escaped during the house sweep.

Bonday obliged and proceeded to take Sidney’s hand and lead her outside. Megan posted on Facebook, explaining how thoughtful officer Bonday had been and how the kind gesture helped to reassure her daughter.

She “was on cloud 10 for the rest of the day,” she said in her social media post. “It’s just amazing the confidence he’s given her.”

Officer Bonday left such a lasting impression on the young girl that she vowed: “She wants to grow up and be a cop and help other people find monsters as well.”