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12-Year Old Defends Little Sister With Adorable Letter

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No one likes being bullied. The only thing worse than a bully picking on you is when they go after your sibling. Some people would confront the bully in person, others might seek help. Either is risky and frightening when you’re out numbered.

Luckily for this kid, her sister Ava found out. She decided to send out these wonderful invitations to the miscreants.

Don’t let the bright pink cover mislead you. Ava has no chill, and isn’t afraid to call these brats out for picking on her sister.


Not only is it made clear that Ava here knows these kids by name, but she’s going to give them some helpful advice: Take your attitude and “throw it in the trash can.”

The letter generously gives some contact information to the bullies, so they know exactly where to send their terrified apologies.  I kinda hope she made that email address as well.

Ava gets bonus points for not only fitting “bye jerks” into seven letters, but thinking of what happens if her “guests” don’t RVSP.


And even politely warns them of Ava’s “angry and emotional 7th grade wrath!” with an ominous “You better” tagged to the end.

I’m a bit shocked at that. Most seventh graders aren’t self described as emotional, and didn’t tend to use the word “wrath” like they are some biblical deity. Ava’s going places.


The back reveals that Ava’s got a good head on her shoulders, with over twenty different ways to say the word Stop. In case, you know, they didn’t understand it in English.

All this came to us from Ava’s babysitter, who found a copy of the letter lying around. Finding this letter as endearing and slightly off kilter as anyone would, the babysitter shared it on Twitter. And the internet rejoiced, with some calling it “Iconic” and others saying it finally gave twitter purpose, if only for an instant.