“You Are Loved”: Anonymous Student Makes 1500 Valentines For Entire School

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Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday for those in love and can be a terrible day for those that are single. One anonymous student at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio, decided to bring the special today to everyone. This student brought love to all of his school in this amazing feat of fellowship.


On Valentine’s Day, students from the school posted on Twitter, Facebook, etc., about the discovery of their Valentine’s Day surprise.

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Every single locked received a custom made and hand-crafted origami Valentine’s Day card. Each card had the message, “You are loved.” on the outside of the folded origami.

The beautiful thing about this particular event is that it was not a standalone act. Other schools across the United States reported of having similar acts of kindness and love at their school. Check out a few of these posts from many other schools –

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Source: https://twitter.com/rsffalcons/status/831719365376565250

Richard S. Fowler JHS reported of a similar act of kindness, but with a post-it note and a lollipop for each student. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like some sweets!

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.26.24 AM

Source: https://twitter.com/CurtisB209/status/831698206534795264

Tory Curtis (@CurtisB209), a teacher at an anonymous high school, tweeted out about one of his students decorating all of her classmates lockers with a custom magnet and message. Friendship is sometimes the love that never fades.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.27.48 AM

Source: https://twitter.com/vjluce/status/831667659821314048

Another teacher, Valerie Luce (@vjluce), said that one of her loving students wanted everyone to feel included this Valentine’s Day. So, this individual decided to make 300+ personalized cards for everyone at school.

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.29.01 AM

Source: https://twitter.com/DBoyd1958/status/831535477379493889

Dan Boyd (@DBoyd1958), teacher at Clinton Middle School, had a group of students make a group effort to brighten everyone’s Valentine’s Day by also coming through with 700+ lockers decorated with a personal note and goodie. It’s students like these that bring happiness into the world.

These are the types of behaviors we should be encouraging on this generation. Life isn’t about the end goal (we already know where we’re going), but the people we impact and the decisions we make along the way. If this generation takes some notes from these students, the world could be a happier place in the future for all. It just takes a little bit of love.

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