Watch World’s Largest Pumpkins Dropped Onto Cars From 180 Feet in the Air [VIDEO]

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When you think of Maine, you probably visualize the great outdoors and immediately think of winter and snow. Well, one town in Maine celebrates fall instead. Each year they hold an annual pumpkin-dropping event. Hundreds gather in the town of Damariscotta to watch massive pumpkins being dropped on various objects.

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According to the event’s website, Atlantic Giant pumpkins are lifted 180 feet into the air by a crane and then dropped onto junk cars, which is oddly satisfying.

Because Maine pride itself on being a green state, the website says all the scraps from the pumpkins are turn into pig feed and all of the junk cars are scrapped for metal.

Thankfully, someone took a video of this year’s festivities. A large crowd full a kids and adults alike can be seen gathering around a black SUV.

The crane begins to lift the massive pumpkin which can weight anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds upwards into the sky. To make sure the pumpkin lands on the junk car, festival employees tie a rope to it to ensure it follows the planned projectory.

As the behemoth of a pumpkin reaches the designated height, the crew begins to count down. Once released, the pumpkins comes hurling towards the earth at rapidly. When the pumpkin makes contact with the black SUV, the pumpkin obliterates the vehicle.

As the festivities continue, another massive pumpkin is loaded onto the crane. This time, a pink car that reads,”real men wear pink” is the target. And, once again, the pumpkin demolishes the car.

For the grand finale, two cranes lift two pumpkins into the air only to be dropped into an inflatable pool of water.

From the sound, the kids love the event, and parents can sleep easy knowing their kids spent a couple of hours outdoors in the fresh air instead of on their electronic devices.