Watch This Hilarious Video of an IRS Scammer Cold Calling a Cop Who Specializes in Telephone Fraud [VIDEO]

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IRS scammers are nothing new. Typically a man or woman from a foreign country calls to tell you that you owe the IRS money. And it needs to be paid immediately. They often go after elderly people because they are the easiest targets, but watch what happens when they call a police officer.


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Kyle Roder works for the Eau Claire Police Department and specializes in telephone fraud, so when he received a phone call from an “IRS agent” claiming he needed to pay them by the end of the day, he decided to play along.  You know this scammer was in for a hell of a time.


In a video that the police department released, Roder calls the “IRS” scammer back after he left a message on his phone. The scammer, who has probably done this hundreds of times, informs Roder he needs to give him a case number or a valid name and address. This makes it sound official.


Roder asks the conman if he could just go to his local IRS office and pay his money there, but he’s told, “your case file has been handed to us because you’re being investigated by our department.”


The scammer says he is a working in a Washington, DC office, yet it sounds as if he is in the India area. This should be your first clue that something is off. Next the scammer tries to sound official by giving his name and badge number. Too bad he gives a different last name when Roder asks for his name a second time. First he’s James Maxwell. Then he’s James Johnson. Another tipoff.


When Roder calls him out on the name change, the scammer says Roder misheard him; his name is actually James Maxwell Johnson. They have an answer for everything.

The cops used this video, which has already been viewed over 3.4 million times in two days, to bring awareness to this scam. They remind viewers that cops would never receive arrest warrants from the IRS or threaten to come to your home.


Don Henning is one of Roder’s colleagues seen in the video. He sums it all up when says, “This is truly a scam.” So stay alert and don’t fall for it.