Watch the Moment a Great White Shark Breaches Diving Cage, Leaving Onlookers Horrified [VIDEO]

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Tourists often flock to tropical waters for vacations that offer a range of activities from snorkeling to scuba diving. The main attraction for many of these vacation spots is hopping into a cage to swim with sharks. Countless videos have been uploaded showing these prehistoric beasts up close, but one video may have shown an encounter that was too close for comfort.

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A 2016 video posted to YouTube has been showing up on the internet once again. The minute and 30-second video shows a Great White shark swimming around the diving cage off the coast of Mexico.

As the massive beast gets closer to the cage after being lured in by bait, the shark somehow ends up inside the cage, with onlookers gasping in horror. The video, which was captured by the father of a child’s YouYube channel, showed employees rushing over to the cage to open the top of the structure in hopes that the shark lodged in the cage would swim out.

Blood from the shark can be seen in the water as the animal is seen injuring itself trying to escape from the cage. Sharks cannot swim backward, so its only hope was to swim out of the recently opened top of the cage.

Miraculously, part-time diving instructor and iPhone photographer, Ming Chan, who was inside the cage when the shark breached through, was able to escape out of the bottom of the cage. Horrified onlookers, however, thought that the blood in the cage was from the diver.

Thankfully, this was not the case. Chan, who seemed to have a sense of humor about the close call, calmly swam back to the boat stating: “I’m still alive,” as onlookers questioned if he was okay.

The part-time instructor posted the pictures he had taken on his Facebook page showing the moments before the shark broke through the barrier.

In addition to the pictures, Chan explained on Facebook that he holds no ill-will towards the shark, stating they were the ones who had entered the shark’s habitat. He reportedly was back in the water the very next day.