Watch as Little Boy Comes to the “Rescue” of His Sister’s Wrestling Match

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Brothers are always taught to protect their sisters if they are ever being picked on. So when one little boy was at his sister’s wrestling match and saw her being pinned down, he wasn’t about to let that happen. He decided she might need an assist.

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The video, which has taken the internet by storm, shows someone filming two girls who are participating in a school-organized wrestling match.

The two young girls begin to grapple before one girl takes down her opponent who happens to have her little brother in attendance.

The little boy toddles into frame and looks as if he is barely old enough to walk. He is heard yelling “get off my sister!” Unfortunately for the young boy, he isn’t much help as he immediately falls over his intended target.

The ref comes over and separates the two while trying to hold back a chuckle of his own back. The crowd goes wild with cheers as a man, presumably the father, comes over and picks the young fighter up and brings him back into the world of spectating.

The boy’s sister and her opponent seem surprised by the interruption. The humor continues, and by the end of the video someone from the audience throws in the white towel.

The mother of the brother and sister duo, Crystal Lewis, spoke to WNDU and gave her take on the viral incident. “We were already cracking up laughing; it was already halfway through the match; they finally took each other down. Before either one of us could stop him, he just ran right out there and tackled the other poor kid.”

The video has been viewed over 50,000 times online, and Lewis and her daughter said they have contributed to that number. We have “watched it probably already twenty times.”

Lewis said her son and her daughter are inseparable. He might even want to be a wrestler just like his sister.

“He doesn’t play with toys. He plays with their wrestling gear. He wears helmets and shin guards and mouth guards and singlets … so he’s already ready.” She said. “Some people’s kids are jealous of the next sibling down, and neither one of mine have ever been that way. They’re always like, ‘That’s my sister.’ ‘That’s my brother.’”