Two Smart Husbands Refuse to Answer Intimate Question About Their Wives on Family Feud [VIDEO]

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Family Feud host Steve Harvey is known for asking embarrassing questions of contestants on the game show. In fact, Harvey seems to relish the chance to stir things up. But recently two husbands refused to answer a question they knew could potentially get them in a whole lot of trouble with their wives.

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Harvey asked, “Which of the Seven Dwarfs would your wife be in bed?” The men both looked at each other and immediately began shaking their heads. A smart man knows when to keep his mouth shut.

If you’re unaware of how the show works, basically the contestants fight to be the first person to hit a buzzer and give their answer to a question. The person with the higher rated answer goes on with their family to finish the category and hopefully win some money.

In this case neither man pressed the buzzer. They just looked at each other, surely imagining the ear full they were going to receive from their wives if they answered the question.

The intense stare-off continued for a few seconds more until one of the husbands, a marine dressed in his “Blues,” quickly explained he was only giving an answer “just to get on the board.” He cautiously looked around and told Harvey his answer to the question was “Bashful.”

The other man had an opportunity to answer as well, but opted instead to apparently stand on his Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate himself.

Harvey, who is no stranger to putting people in awkward positions, looked as if he was enjoying every minute of the ordeal he was putting the two husbands through.

The contestants obviously want to win, but sometimes you just know it’s wiser to keep your mouth shut. Ironically, the silent husband was probably in trouble anyway for losing the round. Some times you just can’t win no matter what.