This Liquid Nitrogen Powered Nerf Gun is Everything You Never Knew You Always Wanted. [VIDEO]

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Some cool modifications have been made over the years to the nerf gun, but nothing comes even close to the impressive changes made by the man behind the Youtube channel called Giaco Whatever. This guy modified a nerf gun so that it could be powered by liquid nitrogen, and it will be the best thing you have seen all day.

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Giaco Whatever has an impressive track record when it comes to creating dangerous items. Videos of his unorthodox creations have earned him a subscriber count of almost 500,000.

But his most recent video has been taking the internet by storm with its ingenuity. The 25-minute video gives viewers an insider view of Giaco Whatever’s creation of an impressive, and largely impractical, nerf gun.

He begins by creating a liquid-nitrogen mixture to power the gun. He then moves on to adding his homemade liquid-nitrogen into the toy gun.

In this portion of the video, the nerf gun has been dismantled so a tube could be inserted that would run the liquid nitrogen through the gun.

Skipping ahead to the good stuff, Gianco Whatever adds some flare to his newly created gun by spray painting it and adding on some cosmetic items. He made a point to tell viewers of the video that the gun will not shoot instantaneously. There will be a small delay.

It takes roughly 3 to 5 seconds for the gun to shoot after the trigger has been pulled as that is how long it takes for the liquid nitrogen to pass through the gun.

For those who are just looking to see the gun being shot and could care less about how it was made, skip to the 21-minute mark in the video. As he prepares to shoot the gun, Gianco sets an empty water jug within the camera’s frame.

There is so much velocity from the nitrogen mixture that the nerf “bullet” begins to rip apart midway through its flight. To the surprise of many commentators on the video, the nerf bullet didn’t appear to break through its target, the empty plastic jug at the other end.

In hindsight, there are a few drawbacks with the design that would hinder using it in a real nerf gun fight, and many would consider it downright impractical.

Reloading a nerf bullet and having to throw more liquid nitrogen into the makeshift gun seems almost prehistoric and reminiscent of loading a musket in the Civil War. But it seems pretty apparent the gun is for show and not for competition.

While it may not be feasible to actually use, it’s still impressive to watch. Take a look at the video below.