This Haunted House Will Pay You 20K if you Make it Through Without Quitting [VIDEO]

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At Halloween there are plenty of festive activities to celebrate the season such as trick or treating, getting in your photo op at the pumpkin patch or visiting haunted houses. This year, however, there’s one haunted house that will pay you $20,000 just to finish the experience. It’s so intense that one must show proof of medical insurance, have a background check completed and sign a 40+ page waiver.

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McKamey Manor, located in Summertown, Tennessee, has aptly been dubbed “the scariest haunted house” by its may visitors. Now the manor is offering the aforementioned $20,000 prize if you can complete the hellish experience.

There have been groups of people that claim that McKamey Manor’s experience is nothing more than an abusive torture chamber. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, one thing is clear: This will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

According to the website of McKamey Manor, a potential visit will be set up after you have completed all of the prerequisites. You must be at least 21 years old, you must complete a sports physical, you must be screened via Facetime and you must pass a drug test on the day of the event.

Before you can participate in this scare-fest, you must watch a two-hour video called “And Then There Were None,” which is a compilation of past contestants who have quit prematurely.

Each time a group of people passes the prerequisites, they are all filmed for the duration of their time there. The reason? Well, there have been past instances of people trying to sue the manor claiming something happened to them while on the premises.

“You’d be surprised over the years how many people have claimed something happened to them inside,” Owner Russ McKamey said. “And I need to go back and show whoever needs to see it the raw and unedited footage, saying ‘here ya go, here’s the complete show.'”

To really make the tours guest tailored, McKamey finds out the greatest fears of each person attending through an odd way — hypnosis.

“When I use the hypnosis I can put you in a kitty pool with a couple of inches of water and tell you there’s a great white shark in there, and you’re gonna think there’s a shark in there,” McKamey said.

“And so, when you have that kind of power over people, and have them do and see things that you want them to see, then they can leave here thinking it really happened, and they’ll go to the authorities and say, ‘oh, whatever,’ and I have to come back and show the footage and say, ‘it didn’t go that way at all.’ It’s saved me a thousand times.'”

Check out the McKamey Manor in a video below.