The Simpsons Accurately Predicted Game of Thrones Penultimate Episode [VIDEO]

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The long-running “The Simpsons” show has actually predicted some pretty bizarre events in the future, including President Trump being elected as president in 2016 and Disney buying 20th Century Fox. More recently, though, the 27-year-old show accurately predicted the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones.

SPOILER WARNING: If you are not up to date on Game of Thrones, stop reading now.

In a 2017 episode of The Simpsons titled “The Serfsons,” Lisa uses illegal magic after Marge’s mother turns into a white walker. The parody episode of Game of Thrones eerily resembles the large battle of King’s Landing after Daenerys Targaryen goes mad and begins burning all the innocent civilians in the city.

One scene, in particular, shows Marge, Lisa, Homer and Bart looking over the city from the top of the castle, where a large fire breathing dragon is raining down fire on the unsuspecting civilians below. “Look, the dragon is burning our village,” Bart yells. “I love our town,” Homer responds.

Al Jean, who is the showrunner for The Simpsons, told Esquire that two things are at work when their parody episodes mimic true life – a lot of luck and coming up with the most outlandish events they can think of at that time.

As is commonplace when the show seemingly predicts the future, many Twitter users were again amazed that it happened once again. Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “well it’s just one scene.”

Yeah, but the “coincidences” don’t stop there.

Ned Flanders had his head hung on a pike outside the castle after he was executed on The Simpsons. Then the same thing happened to Ned Stark in GOT at the end of season one. Who knows, perhaps the writers simply took note of The Simpsons’ repertoire of episodes when trying to decide how to end the show themselves?

The real question remains though: Will The Simpsons accurately predict the ending episode of the series? Guess everyone will have to tune in on Sunday to find out.