The Punisher is Finally Getting His Own Series. On Netflix!

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After months of hinting and teasing fans with the possibility, Netflix has green-lighted the much awaited punisher series.

With the runaway success of Daredevil and critical acclaim of Jessica Jones, as well as the upcoming Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders series on the streaming service, it seems Netflix is content to be a Marvel production house and reap the benefits.

It’s a strategy that’s earned Disney billions of dollars over the last decade and Netflix hopes to do the same.

Jon Bernthal, who was widely recognized for his excellent portrayal of the army veteran turned anti-hero Frank Castle, is set to reprise the role.

Despite Bernthal’s success, many fans hoped to see Thomas Jane step back into the shoes of Frank Castle after his much applauded short film Dirty Laundry: