The Deadpool 2 Trailer Was Just Released, It’s Everything You Could Have Hoped For [VIDEO]

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When Deadpool released last Valentine’s Day, it was, at the time, the first rated-R superhero movie. It was met with rave reviews and commended for its use of foul language and ultra violence. Was it any surprise we were going to get a sequel? Well, no, but a teaser trailer this soon? Wow.


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The teaser trailer, which is three minutes of hilarity, starts off with a man in a hoodie walking the streets. Soon you hear a man yell out in fear and ask for help as it looks like he’s getting robbed.


In the oldest superhero trick in the book, Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool hops into the phone booth and proceeds to change into his suit.


As expected, he gets distracted by phone calls and has trouble getting his suit on. All the while, the man is still fending off the armed robber. You can hear the banter between the two in the background of the scene.

Reynold apparently decided to bare it all for this trailer. As he tries to get into his spandex suit, he is rubbing his ass on the window of the phone booth.


Once the funny tropes have run their course, you hear a gunshot. Deadpool perks up after hearing it and peaks out the phone booth’s door. Then he bursts out of the door similar to our red cape friend as heroic music echoes in the background.

As is the custom in every Marvel film, Stan Lee appears. In the teaser trailer he is seen complimenting Deadpool on his suit. Deadpool, without missing a beat, tells him to “zip it Stan Lee.”


Deadpool arrives at the scene of the crime and sees the man shot dead. His comment at this point? “Oh Jesus, that’s not good.”


As he lays down next to the dead man, he can be heard questioning why was there was a phone booth on the corner, as he thought most of them had been removed by 1990.


I don’t know about you guys, but this snippet already has me hooked. It makes me want to watch the original again right now. Good thing we have the original to tide us over because the estimated release for the sequel isn’t until 2018.

Words do this trailer no justice, so just watch the trailer yourself below. For anyone that has never seen Deadpool, language warning.