Surveillance Footage Captures Mailman Clipping Mailbox and the Odd Chain of Events that Ensues

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Postal workers work countless hours during the year, but add to that the thousands of Christmas packages and letters they process and deliver during the holidays, and it’s completely understandable that some become too exhausted to properly do the job. One postal employee had one of the worst days of his career after chaos ensued as he was delivering the mail.

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Surveillance video on December 14 captured a series of unfortunate events that unfolded as an Oklahoma mailman was making his rounds in a neighborhood. The video showed him clipping a mailbox.

Normally it would be embarrassing enough to have to go speak to the homeowner but on top of that, try explaining that when you hit the mailbox, you fell out of the vehicle and it ran you over.

In the video following the mailbox clipping, it clearly shows the mailman falling out of the postal vehicle as it continues down the street without him. The overworked employee chases after it, watching as it makes a sharp left turn and heads straight towards a bay window of a home.

Luckily, the bay window was spared as the mailman’s vehicle hit and ran over a small tree in the front yard. The mailman, who just had to deal with destroying someone’s property and injuring himself in the process, calmly got back into his vehicle and backed up into the street.

The video cuts off as he is making his way to the homeowner’s home, but it’s safe to say the rest of his day could not have been as eventful as the previous 10 seconds on tape.

The video found its way to Viral Hog’s Youtube page with the caption reading: “I heard a very loud noise outside, so we ran to see what occurred. We found the mailman and his truck in the neighbor’s yard and house.” The homeowner who captured the incident said. “Thankfully, he was okay minus a few cuts and scrapes.”

It’s unclear what he was doing moments before he clipped a family’s mailbox and set off this peculiar chain of events, but this mailman will have a story to tell to his fellow workers as they gather around the water cooler on Monday.