Star Wars Fan Creates Epic Splice Of The End of “Rogue One” and The Beginning of “A New Hope” [VIDEO]

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When Star Wars Rogue One was announced, fans salivated at the idea of a new Star Wars film only a year after the new reboot of the film franchise premiered. When it was announced the new film would be a prequel for “A New Hope,” it was inevitable that somebody was going to splice the end of “Rogue One” to the beginning of “A New Hope” to link the two storylines together. Now it’s here and it’s awesome!


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For those who haven’t seen Rogue One yet, let this be a warning that there are minor spoilers ahead. The video starts with the rebels downloading the plans for the Death Star and running towards the escape pods.


They reach a door which is jammed and yell for their rebel friends to help them. As they’re yelling for help, you hear an echoing crack in the ship behind them.


You hear the ominous¬†deep breathing of Darth Vader as he emerges with his red lightsaber as the only light source in the shot. The rebels yell, “open fire” and one by one they begin to drop by the hand of Vader.


Rebels are being thrown, choked, and hit by deflected lasers until there is only one rebel left holding the Death Star plans.


The man tells another rebel outside the jammed door to take the plans. As the transfer of plans is completed, Vader’s lightsaber pierces the rebel and the door swings open.

The rebels escape on the same ship Princess Leia* is seen on in the beginning of “A New Hope” and this is where the spliced films intertwine.


The spliced film gives the viewer the sense of what an actual four to six-hour space epic would be like. Thanks to the man who spliced this video, Star Wars fans have footage that brings the storyline full circle.

Check out the video below created by Barre Fong.

* Editor’s Note: In a previous version, Leia’s name was misspelled. We’ve since take the original author outside and beaten the ever-living crap out of him for such a bone headed mistake. That is all.