Someone Recut ‘Elf’ as a Horror Movie and it’s Terrifying. [VIDEO]

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With only a little over 100 days left until Christmas, it’s never too soon to start pulling your favorite Christmas movies from storage. Iconic, much loved films such as “A Christmas Story” and the hilarious “Home Alone” are probably on your list of movies to watch every year. And don’t forget Will Farrel’s Christmas movie “Elf,” one of the funniest films ever.

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Or could Elf be one of the scariest movies ever? YouTube user CineFix and his team decided to put together footage from “Elf” and recut a trailer for the film – as a thriller.

For anyone who somehow has never seen this movie with their children – or for a child who didn’t have a childhood – the premise of the film is that Buddy (Farrel), a baby in an orphanage, manages to crawl into Santa’s bag on Christmas Eve and  ends up in the North Pole.

After learning he is different than everyone else (elves), he heads to New York to find his father. When he shows up in his elf costume, as you might imagine, his father doesn’t believe him at first, is completely baffled by him, and eventually comes to love him. It’s the typical Christmas movie tropes.

The recut version, however, paints Buddy as a sociopath who is hellbent on finding his father. He will stop at nothing to be with him. And thanks to some clever editing and quick cuts, the parody trailer actually comes off a believable thriller for anyone who hasn’t seen the film.

Instead of the original story of Buddy crawling into Santa’s bag, the mock film declares that Buddy was kidnapped and tortured. Buddy begins to slip into a deeper and deeper psychosis.

This is not the first time a parody trailer has been created. These parody trailers have garnered quite a following on Youtube. A “happy version” of “The Shining” was also created reimagining Jack Nicholson and his son bonding and enjoying life in the deserted building. You can watch it below:

Personally, we’d love to see more films parodied in this way. Below is the “Elf” thriller remake. And if you haven’t seen the originals of either film, for God’s sake, watch them now. It’s the only way to truly appreciate the parody version.