So Which Celebrities Are Actually Leaving The U.S. Because of Trump?

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Most of the Trump earthquake aftershocks have stopped, and it looks like the dust is settling on the 2016 presidential race. Now it is time for some of those celebrities who promised that they would leave the country to pack their bags.

Only no bags are being packed. None of the big names who made news by promising they’d jump ship has gone. None seem to be planning to go. “Sorry,” they all say. That anger that moved them to impassioned speeches was all a big show.


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The Daily Mail had an accurate interpretation of this unique American moment: “It is the first broken promise of the incoming Trump administration – and he didn’t even make it.”

Madonna abandoned her promise. She’d offered to perform sex acts for men who voted for Clinton. That type of hyperbole is easily dismissed. But others made promises that didn’t require the active participation of millions of American men.


Whoopi Goldberg, 60, said Thursday “I’m not leaving the country I was born and raised in.”


Amy Schumer, 35, has been urged to go by many of those who find her preachy form of comedy distasteful, but she has declared her vow was a “joke.”


Cultural paragon Miley Cyrus, 23, promised to abandon the country back in March. On Wednesday morning, Cyrus issued a video that showed a distraught Cyrus saying she “accepted” Trump as her president.


Others, like Chloe Sevigny and Ne-Yo, have kept their heads down. They’re staying out of the spotlight–presumably so they don’t have to publicly react to the Trump news and answer questions about their promises to leave.


The rest of the very long list is cobbling together what many see as excuses for staying. Chelsea Handler, for example, seems to have found support for her choice to stay by saying she has a “voice” that can contribute to the opposition of Trump. And when she makes this tear-streaked announcement–that she’ll stay and use her voice for good–her audience (literally, as her statement was made in front of a live-studio audience) applauds. The same applause she received when she so boldly said this choice mattered so much that she could not possibly stay if Clinton didn’t win.


In the end, it looks like there will only be one celebrity moving in January, and he was going to have to leave no matter which candidate won.