Sesame Street’s Parody of Stranger Things is Internet Gold

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The gang from Sesame Street have done their fair share of parodies, including gems like “The Walking Gingerbread,” a The Walking Dead spoof, and “Orange is the New Snack,” a reinterpretation of the show Orange is the New Black. This time, the characters take on Stranger Things, turning it into an opportunity to teach kids about sharing.

The parody, titled “Sharing Things,” features some of everyone’s favorite Muppets, but with costuming twists.

Wigs and adjustments to their teeth help you relate the Sesame Street characters to their Stranger Things counterparts, often with a grin-inducing effect.

Like all of the other parodies in Sesame Street’s collection, the video focuses on teaching children a valuable lesson about how to treat others and the reasons why people should share with one another.

But, it also contains some clear nods to the source of inspiration for the clip, making it entertaining for Stranger Things fans who also attach to the Sesame Street characters.

Even if you haven’t seen Stranger Things, but are at least somewhat familiar with the primary points of the show, you can likely appreciate what the mind’s behind the parody have done.

However, it is unlikely that viewers in Sesame Street’s target age group will appreciate the effort behind the parody, but they may still enjoy the larger message all the same.

h/t Gizmodo