‘Saving Private Ryan’ Returning to Theaters in Remembrance of D-Day’s 75th Anniversary [VIDEO]

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When ‘Saving Private Ryan’ was released in 1998, it was met with critical acclaim from the masses and critics alike. It has since become one of the most quintessential war films ever due to its realism which struck a chord with audiences. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Fathom Events will be showing the film in theatres for two days only.

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The iconic film will be shown at over 600 theatres nationwide. According to Forbes, on June 2nd and 5th, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ will be shown at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. in a limited new release.

Director Steven Spielberg has had a long line of outstanding films, but he may never be able to recreate the resounding success that ‘Saving Private Ryan’ garnered.

According to Unilad.com, the film was the highest earning film in 1998 with over $481 million earned globally. To put that into perspective, the film in 2019, based on inflation, would have earned around $750 million.

More than two decades after the film’s release, leading actor Tom Hanks spoke with Empire about the harrowing Omaha Beach opening scene.

“You don’t have a choice of what to be horrified by,” he said. “It’s this gestalt wave of horrible, horrible human experience riding over you and by the time it’s over you have a degree of numbness that is, I think, the point of the movie. The overall effect of the movie as a whole is getting over this life-altering 24 minutes that nobody should be able to get over.”

The film has been watched in schools when World War II is discussed to really give the younger generation a sense of what war was actually like in that timeframe. In 2014, the Library of Congress placed the film in the National Film Registry, which ensures the preservation of the film.

‘Saving Private Ryan’ was recognized as one of the best war epics, amassing five Academy Awards and two Golden Globes. If you have not seen this film, then please do yourself a favor and buy a ticket to see it on the big screen one last time.

Below is a clip from the film of Private Jackson providing sniper cover.