Crocodile Hunter’s Son Makes a Splash on ‘Tonight Show’. He’s the Spitting Image of His Father. [VIDEO]

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This past Thursday, Robert Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter’s son, was on the “Tonight Show  with Jimmy Fallon” and it is clear to see how Steve lives on through his son. His love for animals and work for the environment is as if looking in a mirror toward his late father’s legacy.


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Robert put on the traditional Irwin show and brought some scaly, furry, and adorable friends along with him. Watching a 13-year old handle two sloths while simultaneously freaking out Jimmy Fallon was a sight to behold indeed. In total, he introduced Fallon to a African dwarf crocodile, a screaming armadillo, a red-tailed boa constrictor, and of course, two sloths.


As many of us remember, Steve Irwin passed away in September of 2004, but his enthusiasm for wildlife and nature lives on through his son, Robert. Fallon remarked after meeting the young Irwin saying, “It’s so cool to see you like this. You’re actually your dad!”. It’s amazing too because many years ago on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno his father was featured on there.


Robert expressed thanks and gratitude on a post on his Instagram profile saying, “It was such an honour to be on the @fallontonight show and follow in my dad’s footsteps. So much fun doing the show with @jimmyfallon. He is an amazingly kind person and a true Wildlife Warrior!”.

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Robert isn’t the only one in the Irwin family to carry on the family legacy. Bindi Irwin is taking initiative like her father and works with her mother and little brother at the Australia.

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Watch the full feature of Robert Irwin’s guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon below. The boy is a spitting image with all the personality, quirks, and charm of his father. Take a look now!

h/t Some Entertainment