Rapper Misses Every Single Shot. Then He Blames it on the Cameraman. [VIDEO]

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Rapper 40 Glocc is perhaps best known for his actions outside of the recording studio, not inside of it. He was in the news a couple of years ago after he was beaten by a fellow rapper, The Game. Now Rapper 40Glocc has finally made the news once more, but it definitely isn’t going to help his “street cred.”


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In a video that has since gone viral, the rapper is showing off his new extended magazine pistol. But when he decides to show his few fans his shooting skills, it quickly becomes clear that his fundamentals could certainly use some tweaking.


In his first attempt at shooting what appears to be a can sitting on an object in the desert, his cameraman has to tell the rapper that the gun is on safety. Then the video shows the rapper shooting multiple shots and not hitting his target even once.


He then looks at the cameraman who is behind him and begins to blame him for all his missed shots. “Why you keep coming up in my face like that?” the rapper asked.


The cameraman, says he is just trying to stay safe (presumably by using his buddy as a human shield). “I’m trying not to get shot,” he said. “You shooting the ground man, there’s sh*t flying up.” Pretty much anyone at that target practice was probably thinking the same thing.


The second magazine emptied by the rapper went about the same as the first. Several of the rounds clearly missed the target by several feet.

It is clear from the video that the grip, stance and trigger pulled used by the musician could certainly use adjustment by a professional firearms instructor.


The rapper ask his cameraman if he hit the target? The cameraman replied, “I think it fell over,” towards the end of the video.

The video has been widely shared and viewed across several social media platforms, including Youtube and Facebook, since it was first uploaded several weeks ago.