Police Need Your Help to Find This Man for Meth Possession. Do You Know Him? [VIDEO]

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The critically acclaimed television show “Breaking Bad” has been off the air for over six years, but that isn’t stopping people from remembering the iconic lead character Walter White, better known as Heisenberg. The high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin may have left our television screens, but one police department thinks they’ve just found him.

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The Galesburg Police Department, located in Illinois, posted a mugshot of a man wanted for the possession of meth. It didn’t take long for people to notice that the wanted man looked exactly like Walter White.

Police identified the wanted man as Todd W. Barrick and stated he had violated his probation. As of Monday, authorities are asking anyone who may know the 50-year-old’s whereabouts to help bring him to justice.

The mugshot the police used shows Barrick sporting a goatee, bald head and glasses, looking pretty much identical to the fictional TV meth character.

Anyone with information should contact the Galesburg Police at 309-343-9151 or the Galesburg area crime stoppers at 309-344-0044.

The mugshot immediately spread like wildfire across social media with many people leaving clever one-liners about Breaking Bad. One commenter wrote: “I am the one who knocks,” which is a reference to when Walter White officially turned bad and showed his wife a side of him that she had never seen.

Another commenter wrote: “Say my name,” a reference to when Heisenberg makes it clear he is, and was, the only person ever to make meth in the area. This is when he essentially puts all other dealers and cooks on notice.

Ironically, a new Breaking Bad movie is coming out on Netflix later this year. It didn’t take long for the comment section of the Facebook post to quickly transition to movie tie-ins. One man wrote: “Hes hiding til he can see what Pinkmans been up to in the El camino movie,” which is the name of the spin-off movie.

Another quick-witted person wrote about the mug shot: “This new “Breaking Bad” movie looks like it sucks!” Well, that’s enough internet for one day.