‘PlayerUknown Battlegrounds’ Has Created The Perfect 100 Man Battle Royale Game [VIDEO]

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PlayerUknown Battlegrounds is a unique game. There are no jetpacks and no all-out wars to be fought like most video games these days. Instead, it’s a gritty, violent, up close and personal game that has been taking the PC community by storm since it was released as “early access” this year.


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The game, which only costs around $30, has been a massive success with over 2 million copies of the unfinished game already sold in the few months since its release. The game’s creator, Brendan Green, has created “battle royale” games prior to PlayerUknown, but none have had this much instant success.

The game is in the “early access” stage which means it’s currently unfinished, but you can play it while waiting on the finished product. So, naturally, there are issues with some aspects of the game’s performance.


This hasn’t deterred players from all over the world loving it though. The premise of the game is quite simple – 100 players are boarded onto a plane and flown over a remote island. Players then parachute out of the plane to land at different points on the island.


Once on the ground, you search abandoned buildings, factories, and ruins for weapons, armor, or vehicles. To keep players constantly moving and deter camping and building, there is a radioactive force field that pushed players inward to the middle of the map.


The last player alive will get the highly sought after screen message, “Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner.” The game takes obvious inspiration from movies such as “The Hunger Games,” but it does put a more¬†violent spin on its premise.


The game has a massive following on streaming sites such as Twitch, where it’s the third most watched game on the site.


Once the game development is fully completed, monthly updates will be rolled out that add in player feedback. There is no current date on when the game will be finished, but if players are already coming out in droves to play it now, when console players get their hands on the game you can expect those 2 million sales to skyrocket.