People Kept Hopping the Curb, So Locals Put a Large Rock on the Curb and Hilarity Ensues.

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It isn’t often that a mere rock can become a celebrity, but one town had such an issue with people cutting a particular corner outside of a business that someone placed a rock in the spot as a deterrent. It should come as no surprise that some people ended up stuck on the rock because they simply don’t pay attention.

Apparently, locals in Omaha, Nebraska, have had issues with people not paying attention and constantly driving over the curb, leaving ripped up grass and mud puddles. At some unknown point, someone placed a large rock there to stop people from doing this  — only it didn’t stop them. It simply made for more entertainment.

There is an entire Facebook group littered with photos of various vehicles stuck on top of the rock. One user in the group, Devon Barnett, gave Bored Panda an insight on how the rock came to be.

“I honestly am not sure when the rock was put into place,” Barnett said. “I did use to work for the Hy-Vee store that is right by the rocks, and I believe it was there when I was working there back from 2000-2010.”

Barnett explained how those in large vehicles may be unable to see the rock but noted: “But I also strongly believe people just do not pay attention when driving.”

Cars of all makes and models have come into contact with the rock. The resulting hilarity has made the rock a smash hit with the locals leading to all kinds of people getting their picture taken with the rock.

Social media users had fun laughing at the ineptitude of the distracted drivers. “Towing companies must love these rocks,” one user wrote.

Another asked a genuine question that many would surely love answered: “Are they all blind?” One user asked the real question, though: “Why cut the corner? You’re not saving time or anything?”

Well, you know people, they are extremely impatient.