Officers Respond to Burglary in Progress with Guns Drawn. Find Roomba Making a Ruckus. [VIDEO]

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Having your home broken into while you’re in the home is a fear of many. Questions spin through your brain like how will I protect my kids? Will the intruder hurt us? One woman had her greatest fear comes true when she heard rustling noises and a shadow moving underneath the door of her bathroom.

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The woman, who was not named, tried to open the bathroom door only to have it pushed back. Fearful, the woman immediately called 911to report a burglar was inside her bathroom. Sheriff’s deputies in Washington County, Oregon, approached the residence with several officers and K-9 units.

As officers approached the bathroom door, they also could hear the rustling and rapid movements inside. The officers repeatedly ordered the occupant of the bathroom to come out with his/her hands up but to no avail.

Finally, the officers decided to wait no longer and approached the door with guns drawn, and the K-9 unit leading the charge. As they kicked the door open, the officers prepared for the worse, but to the surprise of everyone, including the homeowner, it was simply her Roomba cleaning machine that had gotten stuck in the bathroom, USA Today reported.

Sadly though, it was never disclosed how the door became blocked. It’s possible the Roomba was pushed up against the door, making it hard for the homeowner to open it.

To make light of a situation that had been very tense, officers decided to post that the pesky Roomba machine had been captured. They posted the image on their Facebook page only to have the post go viral.

This has prompted many social media users to demand the body cam footage of the event to be released so that everyone could enjoy a good laugh. The post has been shared more than 110,000 times with the suspected Roomba pictured with a “captured” across it.

The only crime this Roomba is guilty of is perhaps stealing too many dust bunnies. He has since been released on his own recognizance.