Notorious Cat Racks up Thousands of Dollars in Fines From County

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Miska is a 10-year-old tabby cat that likes to stroll the neighborhood and take naps. When she isn’t sleeping, Miska is creating mayhem, well, at least in the eyes of the homeowners in her neighborhood. You see, Miska isn’t just any normal cat. In fact, she is a hardened criminal who has racked up thousands of dollars in fines.

Anna Danieli, who lives in Seattle and is Miska’s owner, started receiving copious amounts of infractions at the end of 2014, The Seattle Times reported. The infractions, which Miska is responsible for, ranged anywhere from trespassing in her own neighborhood to having a “vicious animal at large.”

Over the years, Miska has racked up over 30 infractions with many complaints coming from neighbors who claim Miska taunts other cats that are inside their homes. Some neighbors were quoted in their complaints saying Miska was “beautiful but predatory.” Another neighbor even went as far as to say that Miska is a “Cheetah.”

In turn, Danieli claims her cat is being targeted by Gene Mueller, a former manager for Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC).

The Daily Wire reported that Mueller used to live in Danieli’s neighborhood where he and the cat would often get into it. Danieli has since filed a lawsuit against RASKC for targeting her cat, and attorney Jon Zimmerman is representing her.

A portion of the lawsuit states: “…. of the approximately 20,000 infractions filed by RASKC over a ten-year period, approximately 50 involved cats, and most of these infractions involved Miska.”

Towards the end of 2014, Mueller allegedly tried to have Miska euthanized, according to the lawsuit. “RASKC Manager Gene Mueller determined that Miska was ‘vicious’ and, in pursuit of his desire to separate Miska from Danieli and Miska’s family, Manager Mueller signed an order to have Miska euthanized or deported from King County.”

Danieli is now at war with her surrounding neighbors as she believes they were told to make false claims against Miska. As if this story couldn’t get any more laughable, Miska was even hauled off to “kitty jail” after she was caught trespassing in a neighbor’s yard.

Zimmerman pointed out why Danieli feels her cat has been singled out. “This is pretty wild, because plenty of cats are outside and are allegedly trespassing in Bellevue, but none have been treated, or mistreated, in a way that Miska has.”

Perhaps the most bizarre factoid in this story is how many prosecutors are on the case, which is four. “It is quite amazing that even trespassing humans don’t get as much prosecution in King County as Miska,” Zimmerman said. “I think she would have had a more fair hearing with King County had she had a jury of canines.”