NFL Star Jared Goff Pranks JUCO School by Posing as “The Transfer” [VIDEO]

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Not all athletes are first-round picks. Some end up going to a school that may not have the clout and recognition as other top-tier schools. Jared Goff, the 2016 first-round draft pick for the Los Angelas Rams, decided to have a little fun during his offseason with a light-hearted prank, which involved him playing a “transfer” quarterback at a JUCO college.

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Goff visited Ventura College, a small school located in California, under the guise of coming in to tryout for the current quarterback’s job.

The NFL is a world-renowned organization and with that comes plenty of publicity. In order to not blow his cover, Goff was put in a makeup chair to alter his appearance.

Typically, Goff has short blonde hair which he swapped out for a brown wig. He also had a mole and some tattoos added to help sell the idea that he was a transfer quarterback.

Goff went by the name “Dreaj Foge” and immediately began acting as if he was better than everyone else on the field. Since he actually is one of the best, it shouldn’t have been too hard.

His teammates didn’t take a liking to his pompous attitude nor his wisecracks about the other players. To sell the notion that he was a sub-par quarterback, Goff purposely overthrew passes and gave lame excuses for his lackluster play — like his hair normally falls on the other side of his face.

Head coach Steven Mooshagian and his staff were in on the prank. After playing poorly, Goff turned on his true skill and impressed everyone in attendance. When Goff finally revealed his true identity, everyone was in awe that they had just played football with an NFL quarterback.

“Everybody was clueless, the whole team looked at him like he was Hercules or something,” a player said after the reveal.

Suffice it to say, Ventura College’s football program was probably wishing Goff was there to stay, but offseason workouts for NFL teams begin next week, so Goff will have to forgo his JUCO college career.