NFL Receiver Appears to Levitate After Falling Down on Play [VIDEO]

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The laws of gravity don’t seem to exist for NFL receiver Zay Jones — at least that’s what the video from last Sunday’s game appears to show. Footage of Jones shows him diving for a football and then apparently levitating back to his feet. Countless people on social media are having a bit of fun with this one.

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Jones, who plays for the Buffalo Bills, was facing off against a Kansas City Chief defender when they both dove for a ball in the end zone. As both players get back up, Jones appears to simply levitate for a moment. It’s almost like watching a video rewinding in slow motion.

Those who watched the game live were puzzled and amazed all in one. Eventually, the video found itself on social media where people gave their take on what they saw. One user claimed Jones was “Micheal Jackson reincarnated.”

Sports podcaster JJ Zachariason posted the video on his Twitter timeline. “My timeline is 20% Alvin Kamara and 80% Zay Jones giving the middle finger to gravity.”

Another Twitter user questioned if Jones was even human. “Some receivers metaphorically defy gravity. Zay Jones is just a warlock or something,” he wrote.

Surely viewers were rewinding their DVR of that moment over and over again to make sure this wasn’t simply a glitch with their TV.

“Please tell me I’m not the only one constantly rewinding my DVR to watch Zay Jones get up after that play!!!!! #sorcery #magic” Jonathan Rizo wrote.

“Just me or did anyone else notice Zay Jones just levitate to stand up?”

Some users even went as far as to claim that’s why the Chiefs lost the game to the Bills.

With the anthem controversy and viewership dwindling, the NFL may have just found a new draw for fans — the magic of Zay Jones. He may not be lauded for his skill on the field, but right now he definitely gets bonus points for entertaining the fans.